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Dynamic Teambuilders specializes in Executive Search for the Insurance Industry. We help companies and brokerages identify and hire senior talent that fills critical roles. We locate and approach highly experienced leaders of the insurance business, and offer them the opportunity for confidential discussions about moving to your company.

You will want more than “face-value” credentials.

Dynamic Teambuilders specializes in identifying and acquiring talent that is senior, critical and niche. We help Canada’s leading insurance organizations fill critical organizational gaps by introducing them to highly experienced business leaders who not only have advanced technical skills, but also all of the intangibles that make them great long-term hires.

Our senior recruitment staff each has more than 10 years in the Insurance Staff Recruiting industry. This industry knowledge included “grapevine of knowledge” of connected individuals whose connections we can tap into to enable us to source your exceptional hire.

We look forward to your working with Dynamic Teambuilders and to enthusiastically joining with you in your search for your ideal staff members.

Ray Maxwell, COO

Dynamic Teambuilders Inc.



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