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DYNAMIC TEAMBUILDERS has accumulated hundreds of letters of appreciation  from job candidates and companies we have helped to find each other - THE RIGHT ROLE IN THE RIGHT COMPANY. We have earned our motto, "Remarkably consistent excellent staff selection". Here are a few examples:

Thank you for making our hiring process easier and more reliable. Your ability to provide the test results quickly kept our selection process on schedule. The information gave us an insight into what we could expect from a candidate. It confirmed the general impressions from initial interviews, and made them tangible. We also appreciated your suggestions about the questions to ask candidates and references that would confirm the testing.

Rima Dresher, CMD Insurance, Mississauga


Meeting you was an eye-opening experience. It made me realize that I was working for the wrong company, and my earlier experience was wilting like a flower. All my respect to you, my friend, for helping me seize this opportunity which is such a good fit!  You helped me a lot and I am going to recommend your company to other good people.

Michael S., Insurance Job Candidate, Etobicoke              


Dynamic Teambuilders' evaluation of our employees was very useful. Your Personnel Summaries assisted us to refine our company's objectives and structure, and to improve our communications.

Earl Epstein, Passport New Media, Toronto


Your team-building program was excellent for bridging the gap between individuals within a highly technical workforce. Your methods were concise and effective for getting true sharing of information, thoughts, and feelings, in a constructive way.

Ray Ganong, Vytalnet Inc., Oakville


I would like to express my greatest appreciation to everyone at Dynamic Teambuilders for finding exactly the right person for our sales team.

Eddy Stevens, securitystores.com, Concord


Your thoughts and advice to me helped a great deal. Another search company called me a little while ago, and their level of knowledge and experience in this industry was an embarrassment compared to you.  I will let you know if I hear of anyone looking, and should my status change you will be the first one I call. Thanks and kind regards,

K. E.,  Commercial Insurance, Toronto


I want to thank very much for all the patience you have had with me, and for all of your advice. I am using it. I wanted a good job, and I have got one. This a very good opportunity and I am going to try to take it ALL THE WAY, for the good of my family and my self as well.

Louis V., Insurance Job Candidate, Oakville


The tests were interesting and unique, designed to bring out specific traits - strengths, along with weaknesses. My profile was so very true; it was really amazing how accurate it turned out to be.

A. Chauhan, Consultant, Toronto


I recommend your agency to all of my former co-workers because you are thorough...competent...qualified.....but mostly because you actually HAVE a heart and CARE about the people you are placing into the jobs. I would be honored to place a testimonial on your website. Cheers to you!

Jacqueline S.W, General Insurance Administrative Assistant, Toronto


Contact Dynamic Teambuilders for your job placement service requirements and you will experience the pleasure of being assisted by knowledgeable, respectful and helpful staffing professionals.


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