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Placement Services

Dynamic Teambuilders’ senior recruiters know about your industry.  Most important: we know people.

Each of us has many years interviewing, measuring, and studying people, to determine which job applicants are likely to enrich the companies that hire them.

Sales Producers: Ray Maxwell is as an expert. He speaks your language: commissions, splits, markets, roles, niches, etc. Ray is very fair. He will help you by creating a fee and guarantee that makes your brokerage a partner.
Grow your brokerages premium by hiring more producers. Talk to Ray.

Claims, Underwriters, Product Developers, etc. Peggy is an expert. She speaks your language about rates, losses, BI, AB, loss ratio, and market development. Peggy knows everybody, and works hard to get you the exact fit.

Insurance Staffing in Alberta: All roles are in Judith’s range. She’s got legal, HR, and writing backgrounds. Judith can translate a “job description” in an effective candidate search.


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