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Commercial Lines CSR/Account Manager/Producer


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Commercial Insurance Sales Producer Position

Use Canada's Highly-Trusted Insurance Brokerage Staffing Agency, Dynamic Teambuilders Inc., to help you find this position.
We are Specialist Recruiters for Property and Casualty Insurance.
Find your best fit with a proven-capable brokerage that will serve you and your customers well.


Property and Casualty Insurance Sales Producers
[And  Experienced Licensed Service Staff]

Dynamic Teambuilders Inc. will make certain that your education, experience and career goals are recognized and valued. We specifically focus on insurance brokerage positions that are interesting, stimulating, and secure - and provide great compensation! We make Friends and Allies of our Job Candidates! We are regarded as consultants to their career – see our many letters of gratitude and appreciation.  Both our client-company hiring managers, and as well, those seeking employment through Dynamic Teambuilders, recognize our sincere honesty, professionalism, discretion, skills, and industry knowledge.

Commercial Insurance Sales can provide Sales Producers with incomes in the six-figures, high job security, and in many cases, added financial security through book ownership, vestment, or other cumulative value-added perks. Combining this with a respected expert-role position, and the opportunity (if you choose) to work past usual compulsory retirement age, and you've got pride in your profession, extra-ordinary financial security, and above-average earnings. See the kinds of opportunities – in Ontario and Alberta – open to Dynamic Teambuilders' job candidates.


* Commercial Sales Producer, own your own book, substantial commission on new and renewing insurance policies.
* Commercial Sales Producer, part-ownership often “vestment-value” in book of business
* Commercial Sales Producer, company will buy your book, greater than market rates; you can still manage it, have free cash.
* Commercial Sales Producer, outcalls, lists provide, some leads warm. 
* Commercial Sales Producer, niche market to fit into or develop: eg * trucking/fleet specialist, * other specialty niches
* Commercial Sales Producer, network of businesses contacts to purchasing executives to which you can sell commercial insurance, or solid B-to-B proven sales ability - in this case, Provincial Brokers License is required, but not experience.
* Commercial Sales Producer trainee, with selling ability extraordinary, leverage personal lines sales into commercial. Please note that Training Roles are rarely open in this business climate. General Insurance P&C knowledge and experience required for all except persons with a solid B-to-B niche, and ready-to-buy customers that will follow you.
Manage a book of business and grow through referrals and/or solicitations.

Many choices are available through Dynamic Teambuilders.  Each brokerage has different features and advantages. Brokerages will pay up to 80% of commission on premium during your first year, to give the sales producer a head start, in lieu of salary; or they will provide salaries to candidates whose sales will soon make profits for the brokerage. In addition, these brokerages provide excellent management, support, back-office, and markets. Most brokerages will provide you with internet links to your home, enabling you to easily sell to customers in your area, and to easily reach individuals/companies who are ready to do business with you. In all of these cases, your renewal commissions from your book of business will soon be building into a substantial base salary!

Do you own a brokerage? Do you want to sell it?
Dynamic Teambuilders is well connected, and
you will pay less costly commission fees. We can help!

If you have a book of business, Dynamic Teambuilders can help you place it into a better brokerage,
or if you want assistance to open a branch, get a partner, or create a satellite office in your own town,
contact us! We have leads to brokerages with which you will want to work!

Insurance Producers can sell, at most brokerages, a mix of both personal lines and commercial insurance sales, even life insurance, so you can capture most all of the insurance requirements of your clients. Bonds, too! Choose your preferred way of working, and Dynamic Teambuilders will help you locate a suitable brokerage that will provide you with markets, support, and back office.   

SERVICE POSITIONS: CSR/Account Manager/ Account Director: All of these positions all provide a substantial competitive salary.
 Also Marketer/Manager.

Keep in mind, Dynamic Teambuilders will guide you towards a proven, long-established company where we know the management - their quality, management, style, and stability - where you will have every advantage in the marketplace for a position that best suits you. Contact Ray Maxwell now, and let’s talk over your situation!

Job order # *insSLScWS
Licensing requirement (specific to province of employment):
Level 1, Level I, Level One
Level 2, Level II, Level Two
RIBO license; R.I.B.O.; Registered Insurance Broker of Ontario


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ray Maxwell  (416) 488-HIRE (4473)

Thank you for contacting Dynamic Teambuilders.

Candidates whose credentials are a good fit for these positions
will be contacted immediately. Dynamic Teambuilders positions open and fill quickly. 

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Commercial Insurance sales frequently provides six-figures incomes, in addition to the highest-quality of job security, the opportunity to work beyond usual age limits if you choose, and, if you have ownership, or the equivalent, of accounts, you get additional financial security. Various kind of opportunities in Ontario and Alberta are amongst the open to job candidates of Dynamic Teambuilders
 in Commercial Insurance Sales Producer positions:
* Commercial Sales Producer, own your own book, large commissions new and renewal
* Commercial Sales Producer, you get vestment interest in your book of business
* Commercial Sales Producer, company will buy your book
* Commercial Sales Producer, outcalls, warm leads
* Commercial Sales Producer, develop your own niche market. Immediate demand for trucking/fleet specialist, and other niches whatever your specialty! Property! Liability! Niche!
* Commercial Sales Producer, no commercial insurance experience but with network of businesses contacts to purchasing executives to which you can sell commercial insurance, and solid B-to-B proven sales ability
* Commercial Sales Producer trainee, with exceptional sales ability; start with personal lines sales - Please note that Training Roles are rarely open in this business climate except for a proven "star". In addition to a General Insurance License [RIBO or Level 2], General Insurance experience is a requirement for all except persons with a solid B-to-B niche and or training roles.


- Level 2 Alberta General Insurance Brokers License; for Ontario positions  RIBO
- At least two years of commercial lines experience,underwriting experience helpful, some brokerage experience essential
- CSR/Account Managers - accustomed to assisting an insurance producer with managing their book of commercial insurance business
- Familiar with preparing quotes and proposals, updating, up-selling, and marketing
- Good references together with enjoyment in assisting people

Position Locations:
Alberta - Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Red Deer, Lethbridge
Ontario - Toronto, Mississaugo, Kitchener/Waterloo/Markham, Newmarket, Barrie
Job type: Permanent
Schedule: Full time
Salary Range: $45k-$90k - Commercial lines sales regularly earn six figures
Contact: Ray Maxwell (416) 488-4473, Alberta (403) 668-7566 Judith
Apply via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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