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* Find Insurance Jobs through Dynamic Teambuilders agency: Property and Casualty P&C CSR *
* Commercial Personal Sale Producer Service Claims Underwriter Account Manager Accident Benefit






At Dynamic Teambuilders we read thousands of resumes for Insurance Jobs. The clearer and more complete you make your resume, the more it will benefit you. Be sure to include the following information:


  • Your address must be at the top, near your name. Most jobs have a specific location; we need to know yours.
  • Your goals and the specific type(s) of employment that you are seeking
  • Include start and end dates of current and previous jobs
  • Highlight your experience, skills and abilities – put the most important at the top
  • Describe your accomplishments with specifics – detailed yet concise
  • List kudos, awards, recognitions, prizes, and compliments you have received
  • Include charitable or volunteer positions, especially demonstrating job-related tasks
  • List licenses, education, and special permissions received
  • Submitting your resume in a Word document makes revision easier. We assist you to tailor it for specific positions and, as your representatives, we add our company contact information.


We appreciate receiving resumes created with care. Following these guidelines makes your resume easier to understand and demonstrates your value as a candidate. Also, you can find many useful Internet articles to assist in writing your resume.


* Dynamic Teambuilders specializes in Insurance Jobs – Property and Casualty – Sale Producer *

* Account Manager, CSR, Underwriter, Claims. RIBO, Level 2, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba *





Restate your goals and the role(s) you are seeking to fill. Make it clear how you will benefit the company.

Being a “team player” means that you will follow the plan and instructions of your employer. If you don’t agree with how you were directed, present your alternative(s) in a  proposal for approval, and then implement it exactly as approved. However, if your boss can’t be persuaded to accept your plan, make it clear that you will follow the company’s. In time, as you demonstrate your capabilities and reliability, your manager is likely to enable you to take more initiative and to accept more of your own ideas.


“Team player” also means that you will try to understand the goals of the company and your supervisors and co-workers and you will continually demonstrate your support with your attitude and actions.


* Insurance Jobs TAM The Agency Manager SigXP PowerBroker *

 * RIBO Level 2 Sales Producer Underwriter Claims *


You have our best wishes in your job search. If we decide to assist you, you can be certain that you have a skillful professional working with you toward your career goals.
Make sure that we understand everything that we need to know about you and the companies for which you want to work. Tell us why you want to work there and any employees you know there. Let us know where you have already sent your resume (with details, please:  when you applied, your contact person and what happened). Keep searching for online job postings that appeal to you and email them to us so we can provide an introduction to the hiring manager. We know many hiring managers and often can provide “inside” industry information, as well as get your resume noticed, rather than it being lost in the many applications that companies receive. We look forward to the pleasure of assisting you to secure a great new job.


Contact Dynamic Teambuilders for Insurance Jobs, RIBO/OTL/Level 2
Ontario: Toronto, Kitchener/Waterloo, Mississauga, Newmarket, Barrie, Markham, Durham

Alberta: Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Red Deer, Lethbridge






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